Term of Use

This space is open to all visitors of Vengo Fanclub who loves 高伟光 Vengo Gao Wei Guang.

这站子开放给所有喜爱高伟光的粉丝 (甜甜圈)。

Please feel free to share information and communicate with each other in a respectful manner.


Here are a few rules to be aware of. 



@Any posting that damages or tarnishes Vengo’s reputation is prohibited.


@Any posting that pertains to Vengo’s private life, unconfirmed or false information, or rumors is prohibited.

(Such postings will be deleted without notice.)


@When you post any photos or video clips, please obtain permission from the original source or please be sure to credit the source.


@Please refrain from using excessive internet language in order to establish proper language habits and a healthy lingual/cultural environment.


@Please limit the use of large/bold fonts, color settings, and special characters in post titles for the sake of a unified layout of the board.


@In seeking unity among our members and in maintaining the notice board’s public position, the use of impolite language among members is prohibited on the board.


@Constructive and well-founded criticism is allowed. However, any blind accusations or postings that stir up trouble, once discovered, will be deleted without notice at the discretion of the administrators.


@Slandering of others, personal attacks, profanity, advertisements, commercial posts, obscenity, misleading posts, bombarding posts, stalking accounts, and other fan cafes/fan communities/celebrities related posts will be deleted without notice.

@诽谤他人,人身攻击,亵渎,广告,商业帖子,淫秽,误导性帖子,轰炸帖子,跟踪者帐户 以及与其他粉丝站子/粉丝社区/名人相关的帖子,都将被删除,恕不另行通知。

@Conducting group purchases or transactions for the sale of goods without the administrators’ consent or permission is prohibited.


@Ticket transfers at no additional charge are allowed, but we hold no responsibility for such transfers.



@Posting personal information is prohibited in order to prevent misuse of such information.

 (Please use your personal email.)


@Any posts that do not suit the purpose of the notice board will be deleted or moved to the operating board without notice.


@Any violators of the notice board’s rules can be deleted, demoted, warned, or banned without notice.

@ 任何违反布告栏规定的人都可以被删除

Everyone is a vital part of a clean internet culture.


This is a space we are creating together.


In order for Vengo Fanclub to lead the internet culture in an exemplary manner, we ask for everyone’s understanding, continuous interest, and active participation.

为让高伟光站子以表率的方式引领网络文化,我们希望大家理解, 持续关注, 积极参与。

Thank you.